• Wilco Friction Reducer Transport Trailer


    Design Details

    Tank(s)  Meets ASME Sec VIII, Div 1
    Shell and heads  Material ⅝ in. FRP
    Manways  Hawk FRP or Wilco
    Vents  DOT-approved vents for each compartment
    Recirculation Manifold  3-in. remote control butterfly valves
    Discharge Manifold  4 in., with acid-resistant hose
    Discharge valves from unit manifold  4 in., manual valves
    Discharge valves from individual tank compartments  4 in., air actuated butterfly valves at exit for each compartment
    Discharge and recirculation manifold  All steel components are lined.
    Discharge and recirculation manifold ends  4-in. male unions per customer spec
    Recirculation line along top  3 in.
    Catch basin  Located at rear of unit. Used to collect any fluids from hose rack and pipe ends. 5-gallon capacity.
    DOT overturn protection  Tombstones
    Trailer  DOT 412MS
    Ladder  Located on roadside
    Walkway  Walkway with fiberglass grating, handrails and OSHA-approved safety gate
    Hose tray  28-ft fiberglass hose tray with grating and drain
    Paint  Epoxy primer coat and polyurethane top coat (customer choice of colors)
    Placards  DOT placards as required
    Controls  Air controls for discharge and recirculation lines, including emergency kill switch, located on front driver’s side on trailer.




    Volume  5,000 gallons available in two, three, or four compartments
    Width  96 in.
    Overall length   
    Length-king pin to rear bumper  40 ft 2 in.
    Suspension  Two axles, 25-kip Neway Air Ride with ABS
    Tires  Eight 11R 22.5 radial tires on unimount wheels
    Landing gear  Holland trailer landing gear with self-leveling foot
    King pin  2- or 3-in. welded or bolted king pin assembly
    Lights  Two work lights at rear
    Fenders  ⅛-in. steel or FRP available