• WS-600

    The WS-600 pump is a proven design that offers great versatility to handle many well service applications. With 100,000 lbs. rod load and weighing 5,000 lbs., this pump offers dependability to handle any application.


    • Coiled tubing support
    • Cementing
    • Acid pumping
    • Gravel packing
    • Snubbing

    Pump Type: lntermittent duty reciprocating pump
    Maximum Input Horsepower: 600 Intermittent, 250 Continuous
    Stroke Length, in (mm): 6 (152.4)
    Maximum Rod Load, lbs (Kg): 100,000 lbs (45,359)
    Approximate Weight, lbs (Kg): 5,000 lbs (2,268)
    Pump Power End: Fabricated of high strength steel
    Gears: Helical, external gearbox
    Gear Ratio: 4.68:1
    Rod Bearings: Shell type replaceable
    Main Bearings: Straight roller
    Pinion Bearings: Tapered roller
    Crankshaft: One piece forged alloy steel
    Connecting Rod: Cast steel
    Crosshead Guide: Cast iron
    Fluid End: Plunger type mono-block design
                    Machined from high strength alloy steel
                    Heat treated and ultrasonic tested
    Plunger Diameter, in (mm): 2.75 to 5 (69.85 to 127)