• Patriot Fluid End

    Introducing the Patriot™ Fluid End

    We have worked alongside our customers to develop the next generation in fluid end technology. Built to be the longest lasting, easiest to maintain well service fluid end on the market, tests have proven maximized service life even in extreme conditions. Our proprietary internal geometry enhances reliability and sustainability in the field, compared to standard fluid ends.

    Don't let high pressure frac jobs wear out your pumps. Ask our team about the Patriot™ Fluid End at pps@nov.com.

    Read more about the next generation Patriot Fluid End in E&P Magazine here.


    We provide quality replacement fluid ends that fit most makes and models of other brands such as SPM, Gardner Denver, Caterpillar, and Forum as well as our line of durable pump models. Fluid ends we carry are:

    • Patriot™ Fluid End
    • WS-600 Pump Fluid End 
    • WS-600-SA Pump Fluid End  
    • WS-1000 SH Pump Fluid End 
    • WS-2500 Pump Fluid End
    All of our fluid ends are:
    • Forged mono-block
    • Valve over valve design
    • Designed to maximize durability and facilitate ease of maintenance in order to lower total cost of ownership
    Note: NOV’s WS-2500 fluid ends are exclusively manufactured in the USA from domestically sourced carbon-alloy or stainless steel and feature proprietary autofrettage processing in order to maximize strength and resistance to fatigue cracking. 



    •  40% stress reduction in bore intersection through improved geometry
    • Exhibits peak stresses within 5% of a Y-Block Fluid End, realizing low stress advantage without higher maintenance requirements
    • Two piece valve retainer allows easier assembly and gives “line of sight” confirmation for proper alignment not present with other “grooveless” fluid ends
    • 26% increase in flow area around suction and discharge valves reducing cavitation and fluid end wash outs
    • New geometry optimized to enhance the autofrettage process, validated utilizing strain gauges
    • Discharge flange allows full access for impact and torque wrenches, allowing accurate meeting of recommended torque specifications
    • Wing style gauge connection retainer ensures safer installation by eliminating cheater bar 
    • Plug and Play interchangeability with most major manufacturers’ power ends
    • Currently available in Triplex and Quintuplex, 4”, 4.5” and 5” configurations. Other configurations will be available soon, contact us for details at pps@nov.com