• Sealing Options

    Our latest solution for premature single mechanical seal failure is the double mechanical seal assembly. We offer this seal for use in our Magnum™ XP, Magnum™ and Sandmaster™ centrifugal pumps. This assembly helps relieve single seal failure caused by dry running, fluid incompatibility, severe cavitation, and high abrasive solid content fluids. The double mechanical seal will reduce down time, maintenance and operating costs.



    A sealing unit consists of two single mechanical seal assemblies mounted in a back-to-back arrangement inside a unique stuffing box filled with a compatible fluid to provide the cooling and lubricating function normally performed by the fluid pumped.

    An external fluid reservoir provides additional barrier fluid capacity and is pressurized from an external source completely isolating the seals from the fluid inside the pump. Rotating and stationary seal faces are solid tungsten carbide and the heat generated by friction promotes flow

    New pumps can be ordered with the double mechanical seal installed and fitted with a reservoir assembly, requiring only a pressure source to the connection provided once unit is installed in the field or the seal can be installed on centrifugal pumps previously equipped with single mechanical seals coming soon!

    Note: Kits for field conversion are available for Magnum XP and Sandmaster single stage centrifugal pump lines complete with the seal, stuffing box, barrier fluid reservoir, hoses, gaskets, bolts, studs, nuts mounting bracket and lubricant.