• Volumetric Bulk Support Trailer  

    This kit is an add-on to any Stephens, Heil, Fruehauf, or other dry bulk pneumatic transport trailer. 



    This provides capability to mechanically convey dry bulk materials through an extendable outlet for filling volumetric batch mix-ing trucks. The conveyor systems are hydraulic powered augers designed for any dry bulk product or mix.


    • Tier III Perkins 2.2 litre, 48HP, 12v
    • Three stage 6in. auger system
    • 20-gal hydraulic tank
    • 5 hour continuous runtime 
    • Hydraulic vibrators 
    • Manual speed control
    • Manual boom extension
    • Manual gate operation
    • Options include wireless controls and auto grease Injection System


    Total package weight  4,553.2-lb dry model weight
    Power supply dimensions  67.10 in.
    Dimensions  48.74 in. x 52.54 in.