• Premier Plug Valves

    The Anson™ Premier plug valve is available with hammer union ends for use with portable flowline equipment. Sizes are available from 2 to 4 in. with pressures up to 15,000 psi and for standard or sour gas services. The Premier is also available with API flanged end connections in accordance with API 6A with either regular or full bore with corresponding face to face dimensions. 

    Manufactured from closed die forged steel, they can be supplied in any of the API material classes suitable for temperature classification P through to U as standard or K, L, or X to order. Other end connections such as hub ends can be supplied to order.



    Testing and Inspection 
    Anson Premier plug valves are tested at every point during manufacture, which includes:

    • Mechanical and chemical test results including Charpy Impact Tests at -30°C
    • 100% magnetic particle testing both before and after machining
    • Constant patrol inspection during machining
    • 100% final inspection
    • Body pressure testing to 1.5 times working pressure
    • Seat pressure testing at working pressure

    Each Premier plug valve assembly has a unique identification number and each critical part has full traceability.

    Each Premier plug valve will be accompanied by: pressure test certificate, itemizing data sheet number, assembly part number, and certificate numers, for each component in the assembly data sheet. Individual certificate for each critical component in the assembly, certificate of compliance for each non-critical component in the assembly. 

    In addition, each Premier plug valve is uniquely stamped with its own identification number and supplied with test certificates relating to the materials it was manufactured from and the NDT and pressure testing that it was subjected to.