• Trailer Mounted Coiled Tubing Support Pumps


    Land based coiled tubing pumping operations are one of the most demanding applications in the oilfield today.  That is why you need equipment designed for extended duty, easy maintenance and simple operation. NOV’s trailer mounted coiled tubing support pumps offer all of this and more.


    • Single or twin configurations
    • Multiple material options for fluid systems (stainless steel, coatings)
    • High horsepower options available for large tubing applications
    • Large climate controlled control cabins with redundant systems for operator comfort
    • Many pump and fluid end lubrication options available
    • Redundant configurations for piping and hydraulics
    • Local and remote control options available
    • Data acquisition options available
    • Chemical injection systems available
    • Auxiliary transmission for low rate applications
    • Cooling systems designed to exceed ratings for long life

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