• Skid Mounted Coiled Tubing Support Pumps  


    NOV's Pressure Pumping Equipment Group Skid Mounted Coiled Tubing Support Unit is a high-pressure pumping system with twin 11 or 15 BBL displacement tanks.  It is ideal for a variety of applications from fixed offshore installations to modular offshore installations and land transportable units.  Our units are built to withstand the harsh offshore environment and enhance transport capabilities.  They feature all required control and instrumentation options as well as a hydraulic system to drive fluid handling and mixing.


    • Drive Engines:  (1 or 2) 550 to 800 HP
    • Pumps:  (1 or 2) 600 HP or 1000 HP with customer specified plunger size
    • Transmissions:  (1 or 2) Allison or Caterpillar Automatic
    • Auxiliary transmission:  (1 or 2) Eaton Fuller Reduction box
    • Displacement Tank:  Twin 11 BBL or 15 BBL with optional agitators
    • Centrifugal Pumps:  (2) Used to fill, boost or circulate
    • Hydraulics:  Self contained on unit to power centrifugal pumps and tank agitators.  Twin units feature a completely redundant hydraulic pump system.
    • Controls:  Available in traditional analog systems or advanced digital systems with Data Acquisition and remote operation options.
    • Fully actuated high pressure and low pressure plumbing available
    • Grease or oil fluid end lubrication systems available
    • Fully customizable to meet your needs or be compatible with your current fleet.
    • Standard offshore frame or fully certified DNV 2.7-1 option
    • CE Marking available