• Wilco Sack Cutter Bottles  

    Wilco™ sack cutting tanks for bulk material are designed and built per ASME code for 40-psi (2.76-kpa) working pressure at -20˚F (-29˚C.). The tank has a 72-in. (1.82-m) diameter and has an interior volume of 160 ft³ (4.52 m³). The tank height is 8 ft, 11 in. (2.72-m) tall. The tank is mounted on four legs.


    Included with the tank are one 5-in. (12.7-cm) inlet with victaulic nipple, one 5-in. (12.7-cm) discharge with butterfly valve flange, one 3-in. (7.62-cm) aeration inlet, one 22-in. (55.88-cm) top fill flange with 12-in. (30.48-cm) butterfly adapter flange and 12-in. (30.48-cm) butterfly valve, and two 1-in. (2.54-cm) air inlets. The tank is complete with relief valve for relieving excess pressure and bulk material aeration system.

    The sack cutter tank is mounted in a 120-×168-in. (3.05-×4.27-m) skid base work platform that is 92 in. (2.34 m) tall. A inlet hopper with sack cutting table is supplied for the 12-in. (30.48-cm) flange on top of the sack cutting tank. The overall height of the skid base with tank, hopper, and cutting table is 128 in. (3.25 m).

    Includes white metal blast and thtee-coat paint system, meeting offshore service requirements.