• Automatic Sample Catcher System

    The Wilco™ automatic sample catcher system is designed for easily removing a representative sample of dry material as it passes through pneumatic process piping. Our system consists of the sample catcher mounted to the piping and a controller that can be remotely mounted, such as in a control room. The easy-to-use electronic controller allows the operator to take a single sample or start and stop the sampler with preset timing modes for small, medium, and large blends.



    Filters are cleaned via a reverse pulsejet design, positioned optimally for efficient cleaning of the filters. The cleaning is controlled using a custom controller with a standard periodic cleaning cycle, and with an operator-initiated manual cleaning cycle either from the plant control room or from a button on the controller box. Filters are easily changed in minutes with no tools required. Filter replacement cost is roughly one-quarter of that of a conventional bag filter of similar capacity.



    • Auto-shutoff option gathers a user-defined number of samples and then stops. 
    • User-operated purge can be used to clean out the chamber if a sample becomes packed in place either during sample gathering or while idle.
    • Patent-pending two-valve system and control scheme.