• ASME Code Torit Dust Collector

    A new and revolutionary product from the designers at Wilco™ in coordination with global leader in filtration technology, Donaldson Torit.

    This dust collector is a pressure vessel designed to ASME Section VIII, rated for full vacuum and maximum working pressure.


    40 psi. Inside the tank, four Donaldson PowerCore filters are mounted in secure Donaldson retention brackets. These state-of-the-art filters provide for an impressive yet conservative flow rating of 900 SCFM while maintaining a MERV 13 filter efficiency rating per ASHRAE 52.2-2007.

    Filters are cleaned via a reverse pulsejet design, positioned optimally for efficient cleaning of the filters. The cleaning is controlled using a custom controller with a standard periodic cleaning cycle, and with an operator-initiated manual cleaning cycle either from the plant control room or from a button on the controller box. Filters are easily changed in minutes with no tools required. Filter replacement cost is roughly one-quarter of that of a conventional bag filter of similar capacity.

    The tank is a drop-in replacement for the Wilco 19- and 31-bag dust collectors for minimal installation downtime. This is a direct fit for Wilco 400- and 700-CUFT scale and blend tanks, but custom tank mountings can be arranged. Collector requires 10-SCFM of 90 to 100-psi clean, dry, compressed air for cleaning and 110 V for controls. Tank comes equipped with 5-in. main and 3-in. choke vents, pressure gauge port and 3-in. vacuum port, 20-in. Wilco designed manway, filters, cleaning assembly, and cleaning control box.