• Wilco Bulk Cement Transport Trailer

    Wilco™ WBT-620 (620-ft³) and WBT-660 (660-ft³) bulk transport trailers are designed for rapid unloading of bulk materials. Versions are available with and without engine and compressor packages.



    Our WBT-620 and WBT-660 models are built as transport trailers with two pressure vessels used for transporting and unloading of bulk cement and other powdered bulk materials.

    Our trailers are designed to be deployed to wellsites and other locations loaded with powdered bulk cement or other bulk solids, such as fracturing sand. The bulk cement is pneumatically displaced to storage silos, batch mixers, or combination cement blending/pumping units.


    Paint system is shot blast with epoxy primer and acrylic urethane top coat with choice of color and other finish details. Optional, organic zinc rich primer available for units operated in marine environments or other harsh operating areas.


    Wilco WBT-620 and WBT-660 models are warranted for 12 months from shipment date for repairs resulting from workmanship. Components for outside vendors including engines, compressors, axles, and suspension are covered by original manufacturer’s warranty.



    Transport Vessels*

        WBT-620  WBT-660
    Useable volume transport tanks  634 ft3 (17.95 m3) capacity 690 ft3 (19.54 m3)
    Codes  Designed to ASME Sec VIII, Div. 1 and registered with the National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors
    Maximum allowable working pressure  36 psi (248 kPa) at 250°F (121°C)
    Minimum design metal temperature  -20°F (-29°C) at 36 psi (248 kPa)

    *Note: The tanks are designed per ASME pressure vessel code for temperatures above -20°F (-29°C). Special low temperature, -50°F (-45.6°C) pressure vessels can be optionally supplied.

    Power Unit

    Power unit  Cummins QSF2.8T4F 74 horsepower (55.2 kW) Tier 4 final
    Fuel tank  30 gallons (114 L)
    Couplings  30-gallon (114 L) ASME air receiver with 3 in. (76.2 mm)
    Compressor  30-hp (22.4 kW) compressor producing approximately 272 ft3/min (7.70 m3/min) at 30 psi (207 kPa) at 1,072 RPM engine speed
    Engine  Equipped with automatic shut-off system to “save” the unit if high-temperature, low oil pressure or high engine RPM are encountered.


    Trailer Frame

    Design  Steel I-Beam frame mounted with dual axles and air ride suspension
    Axles  Two 25,000-lb (11 340-kg) axles with 71.5-in. (1.812-m) track
    Suspension  25,000-lb (11 340-kg) Neway air ride suspension (mechanical spring suspension also available)
    Steel wheel  22.5 x 8.25, 10 hole
    Tires  11R22.5, 14-ply
    Kingpin coupler  Heavy duty 2-in. (50.8-mm) SAE Holland Hitch (other sizes also available)
    ABS system  Trailer equipped with anti-lock brake system


    The manifolds used on our WBT-620 and WBT-660 bulk transport trailers fill, vent, and discharge by manually controlled butterfly valves. Remote-control air-actuated valves are also available.

    Dust Collector (Optional)

    Wilco standard ASME cyclone dust collector or Wilco ASME dust collector with Donaldson ToritR filtration system are optionally available.

    Surge Vessel (Optional)

    Wilco surge tanks are used to interface between the bulk storage tanks for cement and the cement mixing equipment. The surge tank’s constant pressure valve is used to reduce pressure surges and create a more even flow rate in pneumatically-conveyed bulk material. Also, the constant pressure valve reduces dust at the cement mixer.

    Our surge vessel capacity is 20 ft³ (0.57 m3) and both ASME-certified and National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors registered. The surge tank has a 36-psi (248-kPa) working pressure at 250 to –20°F (121 to -29°C) temperature range.



       WBT-620   WBT-660
    Length  38 ft 4.5 in. (11.70 m) 
    Width  8 ft 6 in. (2.59 m) 
    Height  12 ft 8 in. (3.86 m)  13 ft 2 in. (4.01 m)
    Total weight (empty)  23,200 lb (10 520 kg)  23,400 lb (10 610 kg)
    Weight at rear axles (empty)  13,680 lb (6205 kg)  13,760 lb (6240 kg)
    Unloaded kingpin weight  9,520 lb (4320 kg)  9,640 lb (4370 kg)