• Bulk Storage Tank

    We offer a multitude of various ASME-code bulk cement tank designs ranging from 970 to 4,000 ft3 for your bulk storage needs.


    Wilco™ bulk storage tanks come complete with 5-in. (12.7-cm) discharge pipe with Victaulic grooved connection, one 4-in. (10.16-cm) fill pipe with Victaulic grooved connection, one 4-in. (10.16-cm) vent pipe with Victaulic connection and one 3-in. (7.62-cm) air supply pipe with Victaulic connection. The tank is supported by four 6-in. (15.24-cm) pipe legs bolted to the 10-in. (25.4-cm) I-beam skid base and is capable of supporting the tank while containing bulk material. The tank includes a complete aeration system for supplying air pressure to the tank and to fluidize the bulk materials for pneumatic conveying. One 20-in. (50.80-cm) Wilco manway is installed in the tank cone.

    Our tanks come complete with pressure gauge and pressure relief valve. The tank will include exterior sandblast and three-coat paint system for offshore service.


    Internal volume1,000 ft³ (28.32 m3)
    Dimensions8 ft (2.44 m) x 23 ft 3 in. (7.09 m)
    Minimum design metal temperature-20°F (-29°C) at 40 psi (276 kPa)