• Skid Mounted Batch Mix Unit


    Cement Batch Mix Units are an economical unit for ensuring a homogenous cement slurry of an exact density for low volume cementing applications. NOV's Pressure Pumping Equipment group skid mounted batch mix units are designed for offshore and onshore applications in varying configurations. Twin 50 BBL designs (total 100 BBL), single 50 BBL designs and twin 25 BBL designs (50 BBL total) are standard packages.

    Our twin batch mixers are designed with redundant circulating and discharge centrifugal pumps such that slurry can be mixed in one tank while slurry is discharged from the other. Our design also allows either slurry centrifugal pump to circulate and discharge from either tank.  This redundancy provides backup should one of the pumps ever have an issue.



    • Recirculating mixer design for thorough bulk wetting
    • Dual centrifugal pump design and redundant piping allow for combined mixing and pumping operations
    • Closed top mixing tanks
    • Centrifugal pump seal flush system
    • Non-nuclear densty measurement
    • Ability to mix high density slurries


    • Tankage: (2) 50 BBL covered tanks
    • Centrifugal Pumps: (2) 6 x 5 Mission pumps will circulate either tank and discharge slurry
    • Mixing: Vertical recirculation mixer in each tank
    • Process Piping: Suction and discharge either side
    • Agitation: High torque, multi-paddle
    • Hydraulics: Diesel power pack with hydrostatic drives for C-pumps