• FracMaxx Articulated Flowline

    The FracMaxxâ„¢ is as a single, large-bore, high-capacity, 8-in. flowline that gives you the ability to quickly disconnect and reconnect wellheads.


    Our FracMaxx articulated flowline is a large mono-bore flowline that allows for quick connection between multiple wellheads. Current fracturing operations demand increased efficiency for multi-well pads, but existing solutions are cost prohibitive. Recognising that simplicity and reliability are critical, we developed the FracMaxx as a single, large-bore, high-capacity flowline that gives you the ability to quickly disconnect and reconnect to wellheads.

    The mono-bore system removes the requirement for zipper manifolds and multiple flowlines on multi-well pads. The maximum rated pressure is 15,000 psi and it is suitable for flow rates of up to 130 bpm.



    • 8-in. nominal bore low-torque rotating connections throughout (Patent Pending)
    • Hydraulic quick latch available between the articulating arm and wellhead
    • Trailer-mounted unit with pipework manipulated by remotely operated crane
    • Supplied complete with trailer-mounted hydraulic power unit for crane operations and trailer functions
    • Engineered solution to allow for any unplanned maintenance on the connectors in situ (seal replacement)
    • Designed for long life service
    • Integral fittings throughout, no welds


    • Improved efficiency for multi-well pad sites and significantly improved rig up/rig down time
    • Significantly fewer connections than current practice, reducing potential failure and leak points
    • Reduced recertification time compared to multiple flowlines
    • Reduced quantity of flow iron required on site

    Additional Options
    FracMaxx big bore manifold trailer, providing a full mono-bore frac system from manifold to wellhead (pending)

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