• Anson Flowline Restraints

    Our flowline restraint system is a safety device designed to reduce separation between lengths of temporary pipework in the event of a pressurized pipeline rupture. The system consists of just two parts: high-strength, polyester restraints and steel shackles, and is designed for easy installation leaving a cleaner finish and look.



    Designed for use on pressurized temporary pipework offering an additional level of protection for employees and equipment by reducing the movement of the flowline in the event of a rupture. The system is designed to cover a wide range of pipe sizes and pressures, series 1 system covers smaller pipe bore diameter and lower pressures while series 2 system covers higher pressures and larger bore pipework.


    • Extensive qualification testing, including a controlled gas rupture at 15,000 psi
    • Flexible system can restrain a wide range of flowline equipment
    • Comprehensive installation guide, and installation training available
    • High strength restraints tagged to ensure annual recertification
    • High strength polyester slings ‘stretch’ to dissipate energy, dampening the effects of the rupture
    • Designed for quick installation
    • Easy to check for signs of restraint system wear and damage
    • Designed to avoid masking pipework leaks