• Anson Union Fittings and Elbows

    We offer over 2,500 designs of integral and fabricated Anson™ union fittings, which include union ended tees, laterals, wye's, goat heads, crows foot, and crossovers with sizes up to 6 in. and pressure ratings up to 20,000 psi. Our Anson™ elbows provide a 45 or 90 degree bend option.

    All fittings and elbows can be supplied suitable for standard and sour gas service, and they come fully pressure tested, traceable and certified.




    Also available are Anson full flow and block manifold fittings: elbows (long sweep, double back and block), tees and crosses (long sweep, full flow and block), laterals and goosenecks. Most fittings are manufactured from closed die forgings, offering high material integrity.


    Elbow construction can either be forged or welded, and manifold elbows are available in long sweep, full flow, and block configurations with butt weld ends.


    • Eliminates post weld heat treatment requirements that restrict the material's potential strength 
    • Have smooth, round uninterrupted bores to minimize pressure drop and turbulence 
    • Are inherently stronger 
    • Can have larger bores 
    • Have end fittings machined integrally 
    • Do not require costly weld inspection 
    • Available with hammer union, flange, hubs or special end connections 
    • Welded by coded welders 
    • Welds inspected by A.S.N.T. 
    • Available ex-stock or available on very short lead times 
    • Manufactured from wrought steel forgings 
    • Closed die forged to ensure a well defined and correctly contoured grain flow 
    • Produced from tubular or hollow bored bars