• Ball Bearing Swivel Joints

    Our ball bearing swivel joints are available in either Tri-Race or Quadrace designs. Ball bearing filled tracks provide smooth articulation and are a proven seal technology. These are designed to reduce wear under high-pressure abrasive service such as pressure pumping and cementing.



    Tri Race Swivel Joint

    • Three ball bearing filled tracks
    • Designed for standard service and up to 15,000-psi CWP
    • New alloy steel and heat treatment process gives superior case hardness and toughness

    Quadrace Swivel Joint
    • Four ball bearing filled tracks
    • Designed for larger sizes (4 to 8 in.) and up to 15,000-psi CWP
    • Suitable for standard or sour gas service in accordance with NACE MR-01-75


    • Proven seal technology
    • Ball raceway uses integrated grease track to increase time period between maintenance intervals
    • Non-segmented and segmented options available
    • Low-torque operation
    • Design suitable for vibration seen in fracturing service
    • Streamlined disassembly process for easier maintenance operations
    • Designed for smooth rotation throughout service life
    • Forged, one piece swivel elbows