• Anson Manifold Trailer




      Our frac manifold trailer, equipped with certified Anson™ equipment, is designed for today’s extreme well servicing environment. With ease of customization, such as 8 to 16 trucks operating and standard trailer sizes in 36’ and 45’, the frac trailer is built to meet our customer’s fracturing and well servicing requirements. 

      • Rated to 15,000 psi
      • DOT certified
      • Equipped with Anson certified integral flowline
      • Wire rope isolators options for reduction of vibration on flowline
      • Easily customizable
      • High quality parts with certification
      • Ease of accessibility
      • Double axle availability
      • Battery for powering the hydraulic lift without the assistance of a semi-truck (self-contained unit, no extra power supplies needed)
      • LED tail lights standard
      • Incandescent lights available upon request
      • 8 frac pumps as standard offering, up to 16 place options available
      • Trailer sizes 36’ and 45’ (other sizes on request)