• Anson Check Valves

    Our high-quality Anson™ check valves are preferred by many service companies due to their dependability in today's harsh environments. Allowing flow in one direction, check valves help to protect equipment and processes downstream. They are available in three styles and several types of union end configurations.

    • Manufactured from a cast steel body and fitted with rubber coated materials
    • Designed for use with portable temporary flowlines where a highly cost effective valve is required
    • Available in sizes 2" and 3"
    • Suitable for standard service applications up to 20,000 psi working pressure
    • High specification materials and lightweight construction make our valves ideal for use with high pressure portable treating iron
    • Available in two designs, a swing check valve or a dart type check valve
    • Compact design
    • Available in sizes 2" and 3"
    • Suitable for standard and H2S service


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