• Tractor/Trailer Acid Pumper


    The NOV's Pressure Pumping Equipment Group Tractor/Trailer Acid Pump Unit can be used for jobs requiring large amounts of acid pumped at intermediate rates and pressure.  With its high carrying capacity, it can be operated as a standalone unit.  This unit is designed as an inexpensive option for well servicing applications for moderately producing wells.


    • Advanced digital frac controls(FC II)
    • Cab mounted controls
    • Optional Data Acquisition System featuring multiple rate and pressure inputs complete with serial output string to a laptop computer
    • Twin centrifugal pumps for simultaneous on-the-fly acid mixing and triplex pump boosting operations
    • Two (2) BBL mix tubs for adding rock salt or chemicals on-the-fly
    • Pumping power from road engine/transmission via splitter box assembly
    • Iron racks for transporting support iron
    • Triplex pump rated to 8 BPM max rate, 10,000 PSI max pressure with 3.5" plungers (other plungers available)
    • Fifth wheel assembly for coupling with acid transport trailer
    • Pneumatic actuator controls to actuate both truck and trailer valves
    • Optional poly-pipe low pressure pipe for increased chemical resistance