• Gateshead, UK

    Our Gateshead facility in the UK is a precision, contract engineering facility that had been working in the global market with the quality manufactured components for over 35 years. Originally founded to meet the demands of the global oil and gas demands, we have now expanded this facility to meet our customers' needs in the areas of:

    • Oil and Gas
    • Aerospace
    • Defense 
    • Nuclear
    • Heavy Automotive
    • Rail
    • Mining
    For more information about this facility, please email us at ise@nov.com


    Our Capabilities

    • Precision Machining
      Our highly skilled operators operate over 60 CNC Machines with the ability of producing precision components ranging in size from 400mm to 2 meter table length.

    • Quality Assurance and NDT/ NDI
      We build quality into our product through our processes. We have 35 years experience, industry standard accreditation, CMM, and skilled operators. Through this, we ensure our product is right first time.

    • Fabrication and Inlay Welding
      Our certified welding team combined with 9 welding machines, plus 3 inlay welding machines are capable of welding using MIG, TIG and Sub-Arc processes.
    • Complex Assembly and Fitting
      Our highly experienced technicians have assembled over 10,000 unique product types, up to 135 meter squared and with a lifting capacity up to 25 tons.

    • Hydrostatic and Gas Pressure Testing
      With 15 pressure testing bays capable of testing up to 30,000 psi, we ensure our product meets the paramount specifications required for the customers' needs.

    • Control Panel Manufacturing
      Design, manufacture and test of pneumatic, hydraulic and electrical control systems Including systems to function and monitor high pressure manifolds, ESD, STT’s, Actuated Gate and Mud Valves

    • Painting and Finishing
      Our facility boasts a dedicated paint shop, regulated by our certified inspectors. The shop is capable of painting all shapes and sizes, to high tolerances and industry specifications.

    • Innovative Design
      Our design team are capable of generating and introducing positive change by providing world class engineering solutions for a wide variety of engineering applications.