• Holing and Slotting Of Casing 

    Whether the requirement is for Slotted, Holed or Plugged Casing, NOV Elmar has the capability for precision machining and quick delivery. Access to Elmar's QA/QC Departments and automated deburring ensures an effective solution to sand control problems.

    For product information please download the attached pdf file.... Holing and Slotting of Casing


    Slotting Machines
    Specially designed multi-spindle milling machines are used to manufacture NOV Elmar slotted liners. Circular milling saws cut the slots with continuous application of coolant to maintain the pipe's metallurgical integrity.

    Holing Machines
    Elmar holed liners are manufactured on specially-designed multi-spindle drilling machines.The holes are drilled using high quality drill bits and the CNC control allows high positional accuracy. Coolant is continuously applied to maintain the pipe's metallurgical integrity.

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    Straight or Keystone Slots:

    • Minimum Slot Width  = 0.012”
    • Maximum Slot Width  = 0.250”

    Other Slot sizes can be achieved.

    Casing Sizes:
    Casing up to a maximum diameter of 14” can be slotted.


    Hole Sizes:
    Our standard hole diameter sizes; 9.5mm, 13mm, 14mm, 16mm ,19mm and 25mm. Other hole sizes can be achieved. Please contact your completions team for details.

    Casing Sizes:
    Casing up to a maximum diameter of 9 5/8" can be holed.