• HighReach

    The NOV Elmar HighReach mast is an easily transported telescopic unit with a compact transport and operational footprint which is constructed in high grade steel and prepared to withstand the harsh environment of offshore operations.

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    With a high safe working load and the ability to be deployed in Zone 1 areas, this mast in combination with an NOV Elmar wireline unit is designed for heavy duty slickline and braided cable operations.

    The HighReach mast is equipped with Ergonomic and time saving features for maximum rig up efficiency. The HighReach telescopic Wireline mast is very compact, rigid and stable. This mast is designed for heavy work in the toughest environments. 


    • From 4.2 m to nearly 18 m maximum underhook height
    • All-steel construction - for maximum strength and minimum dimensions
    • Extensive safety features and interlocks - for maximum working safety


    • Fly Jib (mast extension)
    • Guy line set
    • Beacon light
    • Manrider winch with manrider safety harness
    • Floodlight
    • MastTractor
    • Jacking wheel
    • Guy line set
    • PVC Storage cover
    • Storage box 


    Dimensions & Weights (excl. winch drum & wire)

    HighReach Transport Dimensions: (L) 3.71 m, 12.17 ft, (W) 0.86 m, 2.82 ft, (H) 2.15 m, 7.05 ft

    HighReach Operating Dimensions: (L) 4.71 m, 15.45 ft, (W) 3.41 m, 11.19 ft, (H) 18.61 m, 61.08 ft (including fly jib)

    HighReach Weight: 5,650 kg, 12,456 lbs

    Mast Capacity

    • Under Hook Height (m): 13.00
    • Column Safe Working Load: 22,050 lbs (10,000 kg)
    • Main Winch Lift Capacity (ton): 2.70
    • Main Winch Hold Capacity (ton): 5.00

    Wind Operating Conditions

    • Rigging up/down allowed at wind speed up to 11 m/sec.
    • Between 13 and 27 m/sec. guy lines are required