• 95ft Truck Mounted Wireline Mast

    This NOV Elmar Mast Truck L-690581 is designed for wireline operations on land wells.

    95ft Truck Mounted Wireline Mast PDF



    The mast has DNV approval and certification. The mast column consists of three lattice work sections with the top two hydraulically extendable to give the mast’s operating height of 95ft. Two sets of four hydraulic locking dogs lock the mast in the fully extended position.


    • 3 section telescoping mast to 95ft (29m)
    • 35,000Ibs (15.9 tonne) column load
    • Heavy duty lattice work construction
    • Coach built bodywork with cupboards, storage space and access stair to load deck
    • Hydraulic stabilizers
    • (2) x 2 tonne utility DNV lifting winch
    • (1) x 2 tonne sheave lock/utility DNV winch
    • Control stations for winch and mast operations
    • Floodlights on column and for deck illumination
    • Mast load indicator (Zone 1 electric with digital display)
    • Pressure equipment storage
    • 6 x 6 chassis, 8.2T front, 20.5T rear axle GWT
    • Sheave lock
    • Guard rails


    • Hydraulically driven grease injection/hydraulic control module
    • Truck mounted, hydraulically driven
    • 10,000 psi pressure test unit
    • Tail lift platform
    • Man rider winch - DNV certified
    • Hydraulic crane/hoist for deck handling
    • Client specified chassis


    Dimensions & Weights

    PART NUMBER L-690581V02
    Operational Dimensions: (L) 12.65 m, 41.50 ft (W) 2.85 m, 9.35 ft (H) 4.83 m, 15.83 ft (Weight) 28,700 kg, 63,272 lbs