• 80ft Zone 1 Lightweight Lattice
    Section Wireline Mast

    The NOV Elmar Zone 1 Lightweight Aluminium Lattice Section Wireline Mast is a heliportable mast designed for use on either offshore or land based wells.

    80ft Zone 1 Lightweight Lattice Section Wireline Mast PDF


    The mast column is modular in design allowing the height of the mast to vary from 25ft to 80ft depending on the number of column sections installed. This simplifies the rigup process and reduces rigup time for two operators to 15 minutes. The column SWL is rated to 20,000lbs, operable in wind speeds up to 60mph. The mast requires an external power pack.


    • 9 section modular column to 80ft (24.4m)
    • (2) x 2 tonne lifting winches mounted in power pack module
    • One winch complete with man-riding and emergency lowering facility
    • Hydraulic driven intensifier
    • High hook shutdown system
    • Last 3 wraps shutdown system on manrider winch
    • Slackwire shutdown system on manrider winch
    • Lower wireline sheave fixed to power pack frame
    • Column section transportation frame
    • Fully erected in 15 minutes
    • Rated for use in 60mph wind
    • Guy wires with tirfor tensioners
    • Outriggers can be removed and replaced by guy wires in confined rig-ups
    • Mast and powerpack can be connected together and lifted as one


    • Additional column sections can be added to increase operating height
    • Electro-hydraulic power pack
    • Transportation frame for mast and powerpack


    Dimensions & Weights

    PART NUMBER L-6921023551
    Mast Base: (L) 4.70 m, 15.42 ft (W) 0.93 m, 3.05 ft (H) 1.83 m, 6.00 ft (Weight) 1,302 kg, 2,870 lbs
    Power Pack: (L) 2.20 m, 7.22 ft (W) 1.09 m, 3.58 ft (H) 0.55 m, 1.80 ft (Weight) 950 kg, 2,095 lbs
    Transport Frame: (L) 2.71 m, 8.89 ft (W) 2.32 m, 7.61 ft (H) 2.30 m, 7.54 ft (Weight) 1,104 kg, 2,433 lbs