• 35ft Lightweight Telescopic
    Boom Mast

    This NOV Elmar 35ft Lightweight Wireline Mast is designed for use as a self-supporting structure for slickline operations.

    35ft Lightweight Telescopic Boom Mast PDF


    The unit is simple to operate, robust and lightweight and has a 2,240lbs line pull capacity. It is manually positioned with the help of removable jacking castors and manually extended. It is fitted out with a manual auxiliary winch rated at 1 tonne, with an internal brake and a fast wind position. A storage box is incorporated in the base frame to hold loose items and accessories. The mast can be set-up by two experienced operators in around 20 minutes. It is designed for free standing use, but should be secured to the deck with additional guy ropes if used in winds above 30 mph.


    • Robust tubular construction
    • No paint required on mast boom
    • Can be safely rigged up by 2 people
    • No external power supply required for operation
    • High grade aluminium construction
    • Small foot print
    • Heliportable
    • 4 point lift
    • Manually extended
    • Ladder access to crown
    • Auxiliary manual winch
    • Integral basket for guy ropes and fixtures
    • Operating instructions to side of mast
    • Guy wires


    Dimensions & Weights

    PART NUMBER L-6901010171
    Operational Dimensions: (L) 6.25 m, 20.50 ft (W) 4.63 m, 15.20 ft
    (H) 1.35 m, 4.23 ft (Weight) 520 kg, 1,146 lbs


    • Max wireline pull: 2,240lbs
    • Safe working load at head fixture: 4,480lbs
    • Auxiliary winch capacity: (1 tonne) 2,240lbs
    • Max. wind speed, rigging up/down: 25mph
    • Max. wind speed, operational - unguyed: 30mph
    • Max. wind speed, operational - guyed: 60mph