• 45ft FlyFold

    The FlyFold mast can be supplied compliant with Zone 1 ATEX regulations. Hydraulic power is the prime energy source.

    The FlyFold folding wireline mast - lightweight, stable and tall, for fast deployment and maximum working height.

    45ft FlyFold PDF


    Where rapid helicopter deployment to isolated offshore platforms is a prime concern, NOV Elmar offers the FlyFold mast. A compact, lightweight folding mast, quickly erected, and engineered for the widest range of lifting heights. Constructed almost entirely in aluminium, this unit is light enough for a two-man crew to position, and offers a stable hoisting facility even in relatively high winds. Maneuverability is maximized, and the mast is deployable in a single, lightweight lift of no more than 1.5 ton.


    • 41 ft underhook height - for the longest tool strings and tall wellhead structures
    • Up to 3 ton Safe Working Load (SWL) (mast) - a secure, stable column for operations
    • Up to 1.5 ton Winch Hold Capacity - for the heaviest loads
    • 250 kg utility winch - for hoisting sheaves and accessories
    • 100 kg manual sheave catcher winch - for easy exchange of wire
    • All-aluminium construction - for heli-deployment and easy deck manouvering
    • Extensive safety features and interlocks - for maximum working safety


    • Jacking wheel
    • Storage cover


    Dimensions & Weights

    FlyFold Transport Dimensions: (L) 5.40 m, 17.72 ft (W) 1.60 m, 5. 25 ft
    (H) 1.95 m, 6.40 ft

    FlyFold Operational Dimensions: (L) 6.80 m, 22.31 ft (W) 5.10 m, 16.73 ft
    (H) 14.60 m, 47.90 ft

    FlyFold Weight: 1,300 kg, 2,866 lbs

    Mast Capacity

    • Under Hook Height (ft): 41.00
    • Column Safe Working Load (ton): 3.00
    • Main Winch Lift Capacity (ton): 1.50
    • Main Winch Hold Capacity (ton): 1.50

    Wind Operating Conditions

    • Max. wind speed rigging up/down: 11 m/sec (25 mph)
    • Max. wind speed operational unguyed: 13.5 m/sec (30 mph)
    • Max. wind speed operational guyed: 27 m/sec (60 mph)