• Sidewinder Stripper Packer

    Our Sidewinder stripper packer is designed to reduce overall stack height, as well as pack-off on a full range of coiled tubing sizes as it is stripped in and out of the well.


    To further enhance the safety and efficiency of your operations, each sidewinder features the ability to fully retract the packer elements and wear bushings from the vertical wellbore. This method allows the bottom hole assembly to be inserted through the stripper packer without breaking previously tested lubricator components or connections. With unparalleled workmanship and a field-proven design, you can count on our Sidewinder during your next project.


    • Extended life packer insert
    • Light and compact
    • Hydraulic ram change
    • No welds - solid body
    • Pressure-balanced piston
    • Low bonnet bolt torque
    • Independent bonnet testing
    • Ram position indicator
    • Internal equalizing valves
    • Well pressure isolated seals
    • Internal porting


    Model Bore Working Pressure Hydraulic Working PressureHydraulic WellboreWeight Height Width
    DS06 4.06" 15,000 psi 3,000 psi 82,390 lbs. 21.09" 66.03" 
    DSK6 5.12" 15,000 psi 3,000 psi 82,400 lbs. 23.50" 66.03" 

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