• Workover BOP


    Our latest workover BOP is the newly designed EGA Series. This compact design has a solid forged body with open or studded flanges on top and bottom.

    The BOP can include the following: studded side outlet, auto locks on the actuators and manual ram change.


    • External mechanical locks for ease of operation and safety
    • Studded side outlets, full 2 1/16" - bore below each ram compartment
    • Well pressure isolated seals
    • NACE MR-0175 compliant components
    • Multi-cut shear blades and replaceable slip inserts
    • Interchangeable rams
    • Forged body
    • Heavy-duty lifting bracket
    • Shortest stack height available
    • Quick ram change
    • Light and short (easy to transport and install)
    • Ram guides to center coiled tubing in the rams
    • Easily customizable, as actuators are interchangeable for any BOP configuration 


    Model Bore Working Pressure Tubing Range Configuration Weight Height Width 
    EGA72 7.06" 5,000 psi 1.00 to 3.50" Single 1,942 lbs. 12.99" 78.45" 
    EGA72 7.06" 5,000 psi 1.00 to 3.50" Dual 3,627 lbs. 22.50" 78.45" 

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