• Annular BOP

    We have taken the drilling annular BOP and customized it to fit your coiled tubing operations. 



    In some coiled tubing applications it may be necessary to seal on various diameters of the BHA. The annular design will seal on an open hole up to 5.50” diameter. 

    The hydraulic operating piston of the annular BOP is designed to efficiently actuate the piston, thereby closing the packer and minimizing the effect that well pressure has on the pack-off. The normal 1,500 psi hydraulic pressure is the maximum required for BOP operation over the full 10,000 psi working pressure range.


    • Designed for coiled tubing, snubbing and wireline operations
    • Quick and efficient packer replacement and a shorter overall height
    • Configuration has a studded body for quick removal of the bonnet and rapid packer removal
    • Lightweight and compact design
    • Includes vented ports between the hydraulic system seals and the well bore seals


    Model Bore Working Pressure Tubing Range Configuration Weight Height Width 
    EJ44 4.06" 10,000 psi 1.00 to 3.50" Single 2,400 lbs. 12.99" 78.45" 
    EJ72 7.06" 5,000 psi 1.00 to 3.50" Single 3,900 lbs. 22.50" 78.45"

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