• Mobile Track Stack


    Introducing the Devin™ Mobile Track Stack. A streamlined self-elevating well intervention tower; included in a mobile  package. Our well intervention towers reduce spread cost, while increasing safety and efficiency on location. The  tower is hydraulically elevated over well center and supported by outriggers affixed to the mobile trailer. Our Track  Stack eliminates the need for crane support of the coil tubing injector head, allowing for a seamless transition  between Coil Tubing and Wireline operations. Crane free support and hydraulic positioning of the coil tubing  injector head reduces the exposure of personnel working near and below suspended loads. We are a global leader of specialty  rental components with solutions based equipment designed to support drilling, completion and intervention operations. We look forward to working with our customers to solve tomorrow’s challenges, today.


    • Self-Erecting
    • Injector Head Support
    • Hydraulic Positioning
    • Increased Safety
    • Reduced Spread Cost


    • Designed to API RP 4F Standards
    • 165,000 Lbs. Static Capacity
    • 5,000 lbs. Side Load Capacity
    • 60” Vertical Stroke
    • 48” Horizontal Stroke
    • 24” Lateral Stroke