• Rotating Bucking Unit

    The Devin™ bucking unit is a rugged, self-contained, continuously rotating unit designed to accurately make-up or break-out the threaded connections on tubular components such as oil and gas well drilling tools, casing, tubing, and similar equipment. 


    This unit accurately performs make-up and break-out thread connections without damage to the thread. Adjustable extension beams with hydraulic rolling tool support jacks for headstock (10 ft long) and tailstock (20 ft long) eliminate the bending of tubular goods during make-up. 

    Our unit has a make-up/break-out rating of 105,000 ft-lbs with a two-speed drive train and is equipped with self-centering hydraulic clamp cylinders that extend evenly to secure the work piece, from 3½ in. to 21½ in. diameter.


    • Torque capacity: make-up 105,000 ft lbs
    • Up to 21.5" outside diameter