• Bail Assembly Spreader System (BASS)

    When performing slickline procedures on deepwater wells, the safety and convenience of a coiled tubing lift frame (CTLF) is hard to beat. The Devin™ Bail Assembly Spreader System (BASS) to provide you all the convenience of a CTLF without the rig-up hassles.



    With this system you can convert the BASS into a small lift frame by replacing the elevator bails with rigid beams, along with the option of a 5½” (13.97 cm) lift sub or bails back to the block. This allows you to request a 10- or 20- ton winch (9.07 or 18.14 mt).

    This product offering is a safe and cost effective "lift frame" option, allowing you to operate your coiled tubing and/or wireline operations in smaller derricks to maximize productivity.


    500 - Ton (453.59MT) BASS with Bails

    • I.D. - 81" (2.06m)
    • Weight - 20,060lbs + Bails (89.23kn)
    • Length - Up to 60 Ft
    • Overall Width - 79" (2.01m)

    500T (453.59MT) BASS with Beams

    • I.D. - 80" (2.03m)
    • Weight - 56,500lbs (251.32kn)
    • Length - 528" (913.41m)
    • Overall Width - 102" (2.59)