• BRANDT Shakers

    BRANDTâ„¢ manufactures several models of shale shakers, each targeting a specific segment of the market. Manufacturing facilities are located in Conroe, Texas, USA and Aberdeen, Scotland. These shakers are employed on rigs ranging in size from small work-over land rigs to large offshore platforms. Shale shakers are just one of the many solids control and waste management offerings that NOV supplies to the oil and gas industry. The NOV Quality Management System is ISO 9001-2000 certified.

    Shale shakers separate solids from liquids by utilizing a vibrating basket, which is outfitted with specially designed and sized screens. Shakers are considered the most important tool for removing drilled solids. These units remove the majority of drilled solids generated during the typical drilling process. Shale shakers typically generate between five to over eight G-forces of energy for removing solids from the mud system.

    Shakers are positioned after the mud/gas separator and gumbo equipment (if utilized) and before any other solids removal equipment. Rigs may employ any number of shale shakers, depending on the specific drilling parameters of the well. Typically, several shakers are utilized for normal drilling operations. Additional shakers are added in response to a specific well program.

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