• Pressure Control Equipment

    The main challenge with well control equipment during CTD operations is to make sure you have the ram sizes available in the event that it is necessary to close on a section of the bottomĀ hole assembly (BHA). Our options for the CTD stack are normally geared toward the larger bore sizes. Various sizes of pipe rams and pipe slip rams are available depending on the section of the BHA that operations require the rams to close on. Another component commonly used in the CTD stack that is different from normal coiled tubing operations is the annular BOP. The annular BOP in this case is used as an additional sealing barrier, with its capabilities on sealing an open hole up to 5.50" in the case of the 7.06" annular BOP.

    The additional components in the well control stack such as the stripper packer and riser are all standard components. In some cases, you will have extra ram cavities depending on the operations and conditions.

    We have several options on ram configurations and the number of rams in a block that we can work with to create a CTD package that meets your needs and expectations.

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