• Coiled Tubing Drilling Unit

    Coiled tubing drilling (CTD) is rapidly becoming the drilling method of choice for underbalanced horizontal re-entry drilling in wells with fragile formations. Fast rig-up and shorter trip times make CTD cost-effective and generally results in higher production rates than conventional overbalanced drilling techniques.

    For specific types of well conditions, CTD can also be cost-effective for new well projects and in remote areas where the cost to mobilize a conventional drilling rig can be cost-prohibitive.

    By combining our expertise and complementary products, we are able to provide you with the most complete coiled tubing drilling package of any company today. As the leading suppliers of coiled tubing equipment, pumping and separation equipment and pressure control equipment for underbalanced drilling, our team covers the broad range of products and services required for your complete CTD package.


    We specializes in both conventional coiled tubing equipment that has been modified for coiled tubing re-entry drilling applications as well as complete turnkey drilling systems.