• Solids Handling

    We offer a wide variety of sand handling equipment, from standard onshore equipment to bespoke offshore packages, so we can handle your needs no matter the application.

    Don’t let the reliability of sand and waste solids equipment get in the way of your production. Our field-proven technologies will integrate seamlessly, taking unwanted solids from production to disposal.

    Whether it is upstream removal to protect equipment, creating tolerance in the production process, or protecting your reservoir from pore blocking, our sand handling technologies will remove the solids from your production fluids.  We don’t just supply the equipment, we ensure that you get the process you need.  Our Tore™ fluidization device and proprietary separation cyclones are just some of the technologies that guarantee reliable and efficient operation. All our products are backed up by an expert engineering team, lean manufacturing and fabrication facilities, and a comprehensive network of service and aftermarket technicians. NOV has delivered sand handling equipment to hundreds of projects and has more than 5,000 Tore devices in operation worldwide.

    • Wellhead desanding
    • Online vessel desanding
    • Produced water desanding
    • Sand cleaning
    • Multiphase desanding
    • Solids/slurry transportation
    • Erosive service choke valves 
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