• Anchor Handling and Towing Winch

    Your partner for a Lifetime of Lifting!

    The National Oilwell Varco line of electric driven Anchor Handling and Towing (AHT) Winches is based on decades of experience in winch design.


    The line of electric driven Anchor Handling and Towing (AHT) Winches from National Oilwell Varco® is based on decades of experience in winch design. The equipment is designed based on use onboard AHTS vessels. The winch is powered by standardized and high efficient drive units each driven by 4 to 8 Permanent Magnet Motors. Each drive unit has the LOADLIM™ Safety Release and High Speed Payout System, integrated in to the gearbox. The NOV® AHT Winch System combines the best technology available for rotating machinery  providing excellent tension control for the operator and a highly redundant drive system.   



    • Excellent rope tension control
    • Power efficient drive system
    • Rugged design
    • Redundant drive system
    • Reduced installation cost
    • Proven emergency release and stop systems
    • Automatic gear lubrication, Oil based, recirculating system




    • Increased uptime through high reliability and availability
    • Highly accurate load handling through tension control
    • Technically advanced, proven equipment integrated with systems that increase efficiency
    • Enhanced Health, Safety, and Environmental (HSE) programs
    • Maximized customers’ life cycle economics and lower maintenance costs
    • Electric Anchor Handling and  Towing Winch with LOADLIM Safety System


    Safety Features:


    • preventing overload rope tension due to sudden load peeks
    • LOADLIM™ Emergency release function
    • Emergency stop function
    • Remote control system


    Additional Features:


    • Provides dependable, high speed dynamic braking while limiting the maximum load on the wire rope
    • Simple automatic operation
    • Drive system PLC allows select ion of maximum load limits for different ropes
    • Effectively eliminates drive train inertia during surges on the wire rope, thus minimizing load spikes
    • Designed for continuous braking at maximum load
    • Allows more effective use of the winch-rated capacity in all weather conditions




    • The Green Machine
    • The electric driven NOV Anchor Handling and Towing Winches are designed to minimize pollution.
    • Due to superb efficiency in the drive system the winches requires smaller generator capacity without losing performance.
    • Regeneration of electric power is done during lowering operation.
    • The low noise level allows accommodations to be closer.
    • The drive system has few moving parts causing less wear, extended lifetime and reduced operating cost. 




    • The winch is controlled from the comfortable operators chair on the bridge, or by radio remote control locally at the deck.
    • The operators chair is equipped with  joy sticks and selector buttons assisted by large touch screens.
    • Special program for towing operation is built in to the logic system.
    • Rope spooling is semi-automatic or manual and can be set for various wire diameters.