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    With over 30 installations in the North Sea alone, the Cocoon and Shroud® protection system is the proven and innovative answer to the issue of subsea protection.

    Our fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) composite protection system is placed over subsea wellheads and production systems providing complete protection and operational peace of mind. Highly cost-effective when compared to steel, the fully overtrawlable low-weight FPR composite structure has an innovative locking pin which enables simple and safe ROV or diver intervention techniques.



    Pipex px Cocoon and Shroud Protection System

    The Cocoon and Shroud system is designed for the protection of oilfield subsea wellheads and production systems against trawler net entanglement and dropped objects. The Shroud surrounds and protects the base of the structure. The upper Cocoon section is designed as a 'clam' with smooth external surface and is positioned over the wellheads, ensuring that fishing gear does not become permanently snagged, providing protection from trawler net incidents and safety of the marine environment.
    • FRP structures approximately 1/3 of weight of steel (in air)
    • Deployment benefits through reduced resources, risk and cost
    • Intervention benefits through safer, faster and reduced risk and cost
    • No dissimilar metal type corrosion

    Since 2000, over 30 units have been installed in the North Sea- over 16 years of operational use.

    Pipex px materials are proven for long term use in the subsea environments (25 years+). 

    Pipex px Manifold Node Protection Covers

    The Pipex FRP node covers are designed to protect vulnerable flow line or similar connection nodes on subsea manifold structures. These nodes can be especially vulnerable during tow-out or deployment operations, but the Pipex FRP node covers provide full protection against dropped objects or incidental collision with objects suspended in the water.

    • Tailored design
    • Range of installation methods, designed for topside, subsea installation by ROV or by diver
    • Submerged weight control through lightweight, advanced materials providing ballast
    • Will not require cathodic protection


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