• Oil and Gas

    Fiber Glass Systems leads the oil and gas industry with a full line of durable glass reinforced epoxy piping systems with a proven track record. For decades, long-standing brands such as Fiberspar™, STAR™, Red Thread™ and Bondstrand have supported successful oil and gas operations around the world. We are the only company that offers our customers a complete line of both jointed and spoolable pipe. The efficient design and performance of our systems offer key installation, operational and economic advantages.



    Key Advantages

    No Maintenance: 
    Impervious to corrosion and resistant to chemical attack caused by CO2, H2S and saltwater, eliminating the need for protective coating, wraps or cathodic protection

    Low Installation Costs:
    Lightweight construction enables easy installation, reducing personnel and equipment needs

    Improved Flow Capacity: 
    Smooth interior pipe surface resists scale and paraffin build-up

    Long Service Life:
    Calculated design life of 20 years, with an actual service life of over 30 years

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