• High Pressure Line Pipe

    We are the leading manufacturer of fiberglass reinforced epoxy (GRE) products for onshore and offshore oilfield corrosion control in a variety of low to high pressure oilfield applications. With over 60 years of experience in the industry, we manufacture the most highly recognized and respected brands. These include STAR™ line pipe, Red Thread™ line pipe, Bondstrand™ line pipe and Fiberspar™ spoolable pipe. 



    The epoxy resin systems we offer include aliphatic amine, aromatic amine, and anhydride and each provides slightly different chemical and temperature resistance. Fiberglass reinforcement provides the structural strength. Our line pipe is manufactured to a minimum design life of 20 years at rated temperature and pressure according to ASTM D2992 Procedure B and industry standards, such as API 15HR and 15LR.

    Jointed Line Pipe

    Jointed line pipe for oil and gas production is manufactured in sizes ranging from 1½” through 36” (40 to 900mm) diameters and will handle pressures from 150 psi (1,03 MPa) to 4000 psi (27,6 MPa) depending on size and temperatures up to 212° F (100° C).

    Spoolable Line Pipe

    Fiberspar pipe is a spoolable product (LPS) that consists of an inner thermoplastic pressure barrier that is reinforced by high strength glass fibers embedded in an epoxy matrix. LPS is intended for corrosive gathering and injection applications including general and sour produced fluids and gases. LPS is available with high density polyethylene or high temperature polyethylene pressure barriers with temperature ratings to 140° F, 180° F and 203° F, respectively. The result is high pressure pipe immune to corrosion.



    Corrosion Control
    Resists corrosion caused by CO2, H2S and saltwater. Requires no protective coating.

    Reduced Line Pipe Installation Cost
    Light and easy to handle. Less personnel and equipment needed during installation.

    Improved Flow Capacity
    Smoother interior pipe surface increases efficiency and resists scale/paraffin build-up


    Jointed Line Pipe – 8rd Connection

    STAR Anhydride Line Pipe Standard Design, API Design
    STAR Aliphatic Amine Line Pipe Standard Design, API Design
    STAR Aromatic Amine Line Pipe API Design

    Jointed Line Pipe – O-Ring Connection

    STAR Super Seal - API 15HR Design

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