• Scrubber GRE Piping Systems

    Energy efficient when new and throughout its lifetime
    Bondstrand piping systems are manufactured using mandrels with smooth exterior surfaces, giving the piping a smooth interior surface when new. This smooth interior surface remains smooth throughout its life thanks to the inherent corrosion-resistant raw materials used in its manufacture. The smooth interior surface has a much lower roughness value than new carbon steel piping. Energy used to transport a volume of fluid will be lower in Bondstrand than for the same volume of fluid in carbon steel piping.

    Larger ID and higher flow speed limit
    Bondstrand is manufactured with larger internal diameters. A larger internal diameter and a higher fluid flow rate limit of 4.6 m/s provide an engineer the option to design with a smaller Bondstrand pipe size.

    Bondstrand weighs one-sixth the weight of carbon steel. A lighter facility requires less energy to transport or to move from one point to another. A lighter pipe can be installed without the use of heavy lifting equipment, lowering cost of installation and construction.


    Shipping companies complying to the requirements of IMO 2020 have an option to install scrubber towers on their ships. Scrubber technology is employed to reduce sulfur oxide (SOx) emissions, cleaning the exhaust gas and reducing the SOx level to the appropriate legal limit before discharging to the atmosphere.

    The highly corrosive nature of waste material produced during the scrubbing process leaves only two viable options for essential associated pipework: difficult to source and expensive special-grade stainless steel or Bondstrand piping systems. In the hot engine room and exhaust stack environment, a lower-cost, lightweight, corrosion-resistant piping is the material of choice—light so as not to further affect the metacentric height of the vessel, and corrosion resistant to corrosive salt water used in scrubbing the exhaust and the highly corrosive effluent discharge from the scrubber towers. Bondstrand Glass Reinforced Epoxy (GRE) piping systems provide superior performance and is the ideal solution used in harsh applications such as sea water, closed/open-loop wash water, treated wash water, sludge, sodium hydroxide, and fresh water.


    • Bondstrand piping systems are lightweight and easy to install without the need for hot work.
    • The products are type approved by all classifications for use in machinery space, meeting regulatory low-flame spread requirements.
    • Materials can be supplied as loose components or as prefabricated spools made according to drawings.
    • NOV FGS has an established global network of service partners with the experience to assist owners or managers to install Bondstrand.
    • Alternatively, if an owner chooses to install Bondstrand by themselves, NOV FGS can provide the training and certification of the owner’s crew. This can take place in any strategic location —Asia, Europe, or the US.

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