• Green Thread

    Green Thread pipe and fittings are an excellent choice for applications such as dilute acid, caustic applications, produced water,industrial waste,hot water, and condensate return. Carries NSF Standard 61 for potable water service.


    Green Thread pipe is a filament wound product using amine-cured epoxy resins and fiberglass and a resin-rich liner reinforced with surfacing veil for superior corrosion resistance. It is recommended for dilute acids and caustics. Pipe and fittings are available in 1” through 16” diameters with pressure ratings up to 450 psig static at a maximum operating temperature of 225ºF, 18”-24” are available on request. The 1” through 6” pipe diameters are available in 20 foot random lengths and the 8” through 24” diameters are in 19 or 39 foot random lengths.

    Green Thread HP 16Green Thread HP 20, Green Thread HP 25Green Thread HP 32Green Thread HP 40


    Green Thread pipe is light weight when compared to steel, black iron, copper, and stainless steel. When considering total installed cost, Green Thread piping provides significant savings due to its light weight and ease of installation. No heavy handling equipment is required and the load Green Thread pipe adds to a structure is minimal compared to other materials. For example, 4” Green Thread pipe weighs only 1.2 lbs. per foot compared to 5.6 lbs. for Schedule 10 stainless.


    Green Thread HP16, HP20, HP25, HP32 and HP40

    Size Range:

    Inner Corrosion Barrier:
    20 mils

    Pressure Ratings:
    225-450 psig

    Temperature Range:
    Up to 230°F/110°C

    Bell x Spigot and Flanged

    Bell and Flanged

    Chemical Service:
    Process Water, Dilute acids, caustics and hot brine