• Bondstrand 7000

    Bondstrand Series 7000 fiberglass pipe, fittings and flanges incorporate high-strength conductive filaments to prevent accumulation and discharge of potentially dangerous levels of static electrical charges.

    Bondstrand 7000 piping system provides electrical conductivity to allow dissipation of electrical charge built up by flow of high-purity, non-conductive fluids, such as Jet Fuel. Unlined construction provided inside-to-outside as well as end-to-end conductivity with co-mingled carbon and glass fibers throughout the pipe wall. Suitable for primary piping within secondary containment (limited access) when connected to ground at discrete location.


    Filament-wound Glassfiber Reinforced Epoxy (GRE) pipe with Quick-Lock adhesive-bonding systems for close tolerance systems. Aromatic Amine cured epoxy for high toughness and temperature performance. Product designed to provide electrical conductivity to eliminate static electricity accumulation generated by high purity fluids, such as Jet Fuel. A wide range of conductive, lined filament-wound Glassfiber Reinforced Epoxy (GRE) fittings are available. For special fittings not listed in the product guide, please contact your NOV FGS representative.


    Bondstrand 7000

    Size Range:
    1"-16" (25 mm - 400 mm)

    Inner Corrosion Barrier:

    Pressure Rating:
    232 psi. (16 bar)

    Pipe Construction:
    Reciprocal Filament Wound, Aromatic Amine cured Epoxy with co-mingled carbon fibers

    Temperature Range:
    -40°F - 200°F (-40°C - 93°C)

    Joining Method:
    Quick-Lock Adhesive Bonded

    Filament Wound with integral Quick-Lock Socket ends, conductive liner. Single-piece Flanges

    Chemical Service:
    Industrial and jet fuel services (Applications requiring anti-static properties)