• Bondstrand 5000

    Bondstrand 5000 is available in 1”-16” diameters with temperature range up to 200°F (93°C). This is a custom vinyl ester pipe available in Asia, Europe and South America and is recommended for most chlorinated and acidic mixtures.

    Bondstrand 5000  is  a custom vinyl ester pipe available in Asia, Europe, and South America . It  utilizes the Quick-Lock straight/taper adhesive-bonded joint featuring integral pipe stop in bell for predictable, precise laying lengths. Vinylester resin matrix recommended for oxidizing acid service and water purification systems. Specialty resins can be used for services in excess of 200°F (93°C).


    Filament-wound Glassfiber Reinforced Vinyl Ester (GRVE) pipe with Quick-Lock adhesive-bonding systems for close tolerance systems. Premium grade resins used for high temperature performance.  A wide range of lined filament-wound Glassfiber Reinforced Vinyl Ester (GRVE) fittings are available. For special fittings not listed in the product guide, please contact your Fiber Glass Systems representative.


    Bondstrand 5000

    Size Range:
    1"-16" (25 mm - 400 mm)

    Inner Corrosion Barrier:
    0.050" (1.3 mm) resin-rich reinforced liner

    Pressure Ratings:
    150 psi. (10 bar)

    Pipe Construction:
    Reciprocal Filament Wound, Vinylester Resin

    Temperature Range:
    -40°F - 200°F (-40°C - 93°C) 

    Joining Method:
    Quick-Lock Adhesive Bonded

    Filament Wound with integral Quick-Lock Socket ends. Single-piece Flanges

    Chemical Service:
    Chlorinated and acidic mixtures