• Bondstrand 3000, 3200 and 3300

    Bondstrand 3000 series are manufactured using aromatic amine or anhydride epoxy. Recommended for water, waste water, moderately corrosive liquids and mild chemicals.

    Bondstrand 3000 series general purpose piping system with working pressure to 450 psig, depending on pipe size.   Dual-angle construction provides high stiffness characteristics and dimensional stability.  Operating surge pressure to 1.5 times rated operating pressure.  No thrust blocks are required at rated system pressure for most buried piping configurations and most soil conditions.  Recommended for water, waste water, moderately corrosive liquids and mild chemicals. 


    Filament-wound Glassfiber Reinforced epoxy pipe with integral epoxy liner and exterior coating.  Fittings are available as follows: 2 to 6 inch elbows, tees and flanges are  compression-molded, crosses, wyes, laterals and reducers are mitered.  8 "-16"  elbows are filament-wound, tees, crosses, wyes, and laterals are mitered.  Flanges are of two-piece construction - Stub End and Flange Ring (van Stone).


    Bondstrand 3000, 3000A, 3200, 3200A, 3300 and 3300A Series

    Size Range:
    2"-16" (50 mm-400 mm)

    Inner Corrosion Barrier:
    0.020" (0.5 mm) neat resin liner

    Pressure Ratings:
    150 to 450 psi. (10 to 32 bar)

    Continuous Dual-Angle Filament wound, Anhydride or Aromatic Amine (A-Series) cured epoxy

    Temperature Range:
    -40°F - 150°F (-40°C - 66°C) - Anhydride -40°F - 210°F (-40°C - 99°C) - Aromatic Amine

    Joining Method:
    Taper/Taper Adhesive Bonded

    2"-6" compression molded, 8"-16" filament wound. van Stone Flanges.

    Chemical Service:
    Water, waste water, mildly corrosive liquids, and mild chemicals.