• Bondstrand 2400

    Bondstrand 2400 is recommended for salt waters, brackish water, fire protection, potable/waste water and sewage, oil field reinjection, crude oil transmission and mild chemicals.

    Bondstrand 2400 piping system is designed and rated to meet requirements of API 15LR, ISO 14692 and ASTM D2310. Taper/Taper adhesive bonded joint used for maximum pressure performance throughout product diameter and pressure range. Key-Lock mechanical joint can be used on pipe connections for ease and speed of assembly. Fittings in smaller diameters may be used over wide range of pressure classes.


    Filament-wound Glassfiber Reinforced (GRE) pipe with an integral Taper female x shaved spigot adhesive bonded joint or Key-Lock integral female x male mechanical joint. Fittings are GRE with integral Taper female bell ends with a wide range available. Product line is well suited for higher pressure applications or where higher service factors are needed.


    Bondstrand 2400 

    Size Range:
    2"-40" (50 mm - 1000 mm)

    Inner Corrosion Barrier:
    0.20" (0.5 mm) resin-rich reinforced liner (optional)

    Pressure Ratings:
    10 to 50 bar

    Pipe Construction:
    Reciprocal Filament wound, Aromatic Amine cured epoxy

    Temperature Range:
    -40°F - 200°F (-40°C - 93°C)

    Joining Method:
    Taper/Taper Adhesive Bonded or Key-Lock Mechanical joint

    Filament Wound with integral Taper Bell ends. Single-piece or van Stone Flanges (size dependent).

    Chemical Service:
    Water (potable/cooling/produced/waste/salt and fire (FM approved), crude oil & gas, brine solutions, higher pressures.