• i-Con

    The i-Con™ is a robust tool for gathering and understanding dynamic data recorded during well operations. This compact, memory-based monitoring sub is equipped with an electronics package consisting of sensors, batteries and memory for use in coiled tubing and drillpipe operations. Traditionally, the gathering of precise mechanical downhole dynamic data has been limited to the use of MWD tools during drilling operations. In most well operations in the completion and intervention phase, the same downhole data would provide valuable input – for operational verification, information and diagnostics. The i-Con has drillpipe connections and a full bore ID to ensure seamless integration into most work-string setups. The intelligent sub records tension, compression, torque, temperature, pressure, vibrations and acceleration where it matters - downhole. Once the i-Con has been retrieved from the hole, the data can be downloaded from the easily available data port. Downhole data can then be investigated and compared with surface measurements to provide improved understanding and learning.






    • Full bore and short length
    • Robust construction
    • Configurable sampling rates
    • Cost effective
    • No surface rig up required


    • No flow restrictions and minimum interference with operations
    • Low risk
    • Possible to fine-tune data quality or extend logging period
    • Suitable as surveillance device in most operations
    • Limited footprint


    • Fishing operations
    • Installation of liner and lower completions
    • Plug setting and retrieval
    • Shifting tool operations
    • Cleanout operations
    • Other critical coiled tubing or drillpipe interventions
    • Slot recovery operations
    • Plug and abandon operations
    • Torque and drag model verification