• Bottom Set Packer


    The bottom set packer (BST packer) is run secondary to isolate leaks at the liner top. The BST packer can withstand high differential pressures and is used after the liner has been installed and cemented and the liner polished bore receptacle (PBR) seal bore has been cleaned out. The BST packer seals the existing PBR and is weight set, sealing the annular area between the liner and the casing. A new polished bore receptacle is integrated for future operations. The packer element of the BST packer is available in various elastomers for different hole requirements.


    • High differential pressure rating from below and above
    • Mechanical lock to avoid premature setting while running BST packer
    • Full bore eliminates restrictions for subsequent tool runs
    • Hardened hold-down slips
    • Internal body lock ring positively locks in applied setting force
    • Integral PBR
    • Available from 6 to 30 ft
    • HP/HT seals